Remembering Yesterday: Using Xerox Machines

I remember my internship from way back. I was requested to help with the photocopying of documents in the office. I eagerly hurried to the Xerox machine when I suddenly realized I had no idea how to use it. I kept staring at the Xerox machine as if it was an object from outer space. In the end, the lady near the photocopier noticed me and decided to help me out in my predicament.

Here’s my little way of helping those who do not know how to use the Xerox machine.

1. Prepare standard sized paper and place in the paper tray.

2. Select the paper size on the Xerox machine. In this case, standard size is 8.5 x 11.

3. Look at the color indicator. Choose black and white or colored Xerox settings depending on your needs.

4. Open the lid, place the document that needs to be photocopied. Make sure the page you want to be duplicated will be facing the glass surface.

5. Align your document with the paper size markings on the surface.

6. Close the lid of the Xerox. Press the number of copies you wish to have of the duplicates.

7. Press Enter. The photocopying will start soon.

8. Turn off the Xerox machine after you have all your duplicate copies.

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