Receiving Wedding Invitations Means Turning to Diet Regimen

You have just received wedding invitations in the mail. You also learned that you are to be the Maid of honour on your favorite cousin’s big day. That should be great news, but you quickly think of all the calories you need to burn before the wedding date. Moreover, the bride included a small note asking if you can join her diet her way through the wedding day. What do you do?

While going on a diet is a good way to shed some extra pounds, doing a quick weight loss program is never a safe idea. You may want to write back to your cousin and tell her that your diet regimen should be done slowly and carefully.Oh and don’t forget to thank her for the wedding invitations.

Here are some quick tips on how to effectively and safely lose those unwanted inches for the wedding day.

  1. Look at the wedding invitations and see how much time you got.
  2. Eat small but frequent meals. It is never a good idea to starve yourself. Once you do, the more chances that your body saves body fat. You do not want that happening, do you?
  3. Eat some fruits if you are craving for sweet food. Skip the sodas and desserts as much as possible.
  4. Go for water if you think you are hungry. See if the water does something for your “hunger”. If not, then that’s the case to take small healthy snacks.
  5. Start exercising. You do not have to spend all day in the gym. Walking one corner at a time will help you in your quest for a healthier and thinner you.

These may seem very simple but try them out and see that they make a big difference when the date on the wedding invitations has arrived.

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