Devoid of Love

You may think I’m stupid, but I’m not…
It’s just I love you too much
I know everything that has been going on in your life
I know the truth behind all your lies

A liar myself I know all the ways
You’ll do everything to make us both stay
Now that it’s just me life’s not that exciting
I’m just waiting for the moment that you’ll again start cheating

Up until then I’ll just prove to you my love
That I would put noone above but you
I hope that one day you will realize
That in me, you got a real prize

Don’t let it be to late though
I might just get tired of trying to pretend believing all your lies
I can only take so much of this
So don’t make me the last on your list

You treat me like I’m trash sometimes
You never make me me feel you’re mine
I hope one day you’ll realize that it’s me
Who can set your broken heart free

I’ll love you forever it’s so easy to say
But in my heart I mean that everyday
I’ll love you until my last breath
Nothing can change that… only death

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